Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Yeah, now I let authors finish writing

As I have grown older, I become more and more reluctant to start a series if all the books haven’t been written yet.

I’m still young enough that it’s not because I’m worried about me dying before a series is completed. And it’s mostly not because I’m afraid the author will die before they can finish. (I do want George RR Martin to keep writing for many more years, though)

Yes, Robert Jordan and the Wheel of Time series actually doesn’t have a role in this realization. I dropped the Wheel of Time three for four books in, the first couple books were engaging but then I felt like the story began dragging for the sake of making every book capable to reinforcing the supporting beam of a house. Padding for the sake of world building I can get behind but it just felt it was padding for page count. (Feel free to disagree with me)

No, the biggest reason I decided to try and only read series that have been completed is that if I wait years in between books, I can’t remember who was who or what was going on. 

At least with TV shows, I theoretically have to wait less than a year in between seasons.

Serial heroes, like Harry Dresden, also don’t count because each story is reasonably standalone. I’m not looking at one story spread out over two to eight books but different stories that just happen to have the same setting and cast. (And, yes, past events affect later books but the stance remains the same. I don’t have to read every issue that Peter Parker appears in to understand a Spider-Man story)

I read the first few A Series of Unfortunate Events books as they came out and I got distracted by life and other events and fell away just when the author got a contract and could create a larger story arc. Sitting down and reading the whole series from scratch over eight months worked so much better.

So, basically, I now want to read any given series within a year’s time so I don’t forget too much.

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