Thursday, April 1, 2021

My March PnP

 I went into March with pretty low expectations for PnP crafting. My goal was pretty just to make one ‘larger’ project. However, I looked at some contests so I ended up being more active than I expected.

Here’s what I made:

Yard Builder
Choose Your Own Adventure: Danger House Demo
Button Men
9-Card Challenge (2021 9-Card Contest, beta)
Deadeye Dinah (2021 9-Card Contest, beta)
Simple Card (2021 9-Card Contest, beta)
Ping Ping Slam (2021 9-Card Contest, beta)
Some Kind of Genius?

My ‘big’ build for March was the Choose Your Own Adventure demo. Since I have happy memories of the books from my childhood, I’ve been curious about the games so the demo will let me try it out. I have a feeling the demo will be all I need but it was still worth making so I can see the system.

As I mentioned, I looked at some contests and that doesn’t happen without me printing out a few games. Unless I feel like I can give playtest feedback, I like to wait until the contest ready versions are done but I got impatient.

As I’ve mentioned before, Yard Builder has been my MVP of March. It’s just drawing some landscaping and not very challenging but it is downright therapeutic.

And I’m sure I will make more stuff in April.

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