Wednesday, April 14, 2021

No, I couldn’t resist the Citadels PnP

 My ‘big’ PnP project for April was making the PnP demo of Citadels. (My basic criteria for being a big project is large enough that a publisher would actually print the game :P)

I have very mixed feelings about Citadels. It was a game I was introduced to very early in my journey with designer board games. And as a design, I think that it continues to hold up well.

BUT, every group I have played it with has had horrendous analysis paralysis. Games would go on for hours. And by hour three, Citadels just isn’t fun. I am jealous of folks who talk about playing it in forty-five minutes. Witch’s Brew and Broom Service were close enough to the Citadels experience that I sold Citadels without regret.

But when Asmodee released a bunch of PnP demos for community Covid support, I couldn’t help but note that their demo of Citadels was very close to the original version of the game, the version I’d been introduced to. Instead of being just enough to get an idea of how to play, the demo was enough to play the actual game.

And despite my negative experiences with the game, that was too much to pass up. Honestly, I’ve made much worse games in my PnP crafting.  Even if Citadels isn’t one of my favorites, it has remained in print for a reason.

I don’t know if I’ll actually play the copy I’ve made but I do know it’s as much Citadels as I need.

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