Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Autumn has gone away

 I was sad to see that that the files for Autumn are no longer available on any site that I could find. Particularly since I was thinking of making a fresh copy for family and I apparently never saved the files.

(Which really says how long again I made my copy. Thanks to contests where files often get taken down ASAP, I’ve gotten into the habit of copying files)

It’s not really a surprise since nothing lasts forever and it’s really no different than a published gaming going out of print. Still, Autumn was a watershed event for me in PnP so it stings.

Autumn was the game that made me look at PnP as a venue for solitaire play. It has also served as my way of introducing other people to PnP. Autumn  is a very simple tile laying game but it has that kind of simplicity that becomes purity. (Although that word has way too much baggage) Each action is easy and simple to understand but they lead to a wide variety of lay outs. The game has a lot of possibilities for 18 cards.

It’s perfectly natural for Autumn to no longer be available. And there’s still a rich treasure of PnP games out there. I’m glad I got to find Autumn when I could.

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