Friday, June 17, 2022

Falling off the No-Buying wagon

I’ve been out of the habit of buying physical copies of games that it’s no longer a resolution or anything. I’ve either gotten out of the habit of buying games or gotten into the habit of not buying them.

So I surprised myself by picking up copies of Forbidden Desert and Choose Your Own Adventure: War With the Evil Power Master. Both were on clearance or it wouldn’t have happened.

Two things both games have in common is that that they are cooperatives that can be played solitaire and I have experience with both of them. So I’m still not willing to buy a game unless I already have some investment in it.

(PnP files clearly do not play by those rules for me)

And clearly, these two games are not in the same league. Forbidden Desert is a classic and  considered by many  to be the best of the Forbidden series. I’ve played it at conventions and liked it. Forbidden Island (which I have played a lot) can be compared to Pandemic (same designer as I’m sure you know) but Forbidden Desert is more it’s own beast.

The Choose Your Own Adventure games are really just game books broken down into decks of cards. And the mechanics that weren’t in the Choose Your Own Adventure books can be found in other game book series :D

But I had fun with the demo of House of Danger and I understand this one has more replay value. I think I will enjoy it as a RPG/adventure gaming. It’s not deep but I already know that.

I don’t think this is going to change my not-buying habits but o do think these two games will be well-used additions to our library.

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