Monday, August 29, 2022

Duplex, fold or glue

Here’s a boring gaming topic that’s been on my mind. Duplex versus folding versus gluing. lol

It’s a print and play topic. When I’m printing out pages of double-sided cards or tiles, I have three options, which vary depending on the layout of the page: Duplex, printing on both sides. Folding, folding the component into proper shape. Gluing two pieces together.

Honestly, gluing, if done properly, can have the best results. That allows you to have a core in between the two pieces, creating something sturdy and closer to published components.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I use a laminator for most of my projects. Which is definitely a lazy option. In some ways, it even feels like a cheat. I get a decent amount of sturdiness and quite a bit of durability with a method that is cheap and quick. 

My results aren’t as nice as homemade linen-finished cards. However, they are very functional for a lot less effort. 

I’m not a big fan of folding cards. Partially because that’s one more step but mostly because the double layer increases the amount of bubbling in the lamination process.

So, Duplex is really cool for me. Print, cut, laminate and trim. Done.

And none of this is that interesting, even for me, until I go to the local library to print stuff off via their color printer/copiers. Because, if a page is landscape, the backside gets flipped and messes up the duplex.

When that happens with our black and white printer, I can just print one side, flip the paper and do it again. They don’t let me do that at the library for some reason. So I have to sometimes glue stuff if I want it in color. 

Yeah, not an exciting topic but one that I need to remember when I’m at the library.

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