Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Fjords makes me feel old :D

Okay, Fjords has been not only reprinted but expanded? Got to admit that I did not expect that.

On the one hand, I don’t think of Fjords as being a profoundly great game. On the other hand, I would never turn down a game of Fjords :D

(If I’m reading this correctly, the major changes are raising the player count to four and the ability to shift a house once during the first part of the game. Not dramatic changes but Fjords is a simple game. Small things can be big)

My first response to seeing this was ‘Damn, I’m old.’ Because, when it came out and we were playing it, Fjords was a solid B game. And apparently, as well as being published by Grail Games, it has become a grail game.

Apparently, if you stay in a hobby long enough, you get to see regular things become classic.

Second, man, the late Franz-Benno Delonge made some great games. TransAmerica alone would be an amazing legacy. But he also made Dos Rios and Hellas and Manila. (I still haven’t played Container and I’m folding TransEuropa into TransAmerica)

He doesn’t have a huge catalog of games but there is a healthy percentage of evergreens in that catalog. As I’ve said, Fjords is a solid, even meditative game but it doesn’t even make my top three of his designs. 

Happy his work is still getting attention.

Now, when is Hellas going to get a reprint?

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