Monday, October 3, 2022

My September Gaming

 While September wasn’t a particularly game heavy month (and I honestly don’t know when next I’ll have one), I felt like I used my gaming time wisely.

Months after I downloaded the files, I finally made a copy and played the demo version of Death Valley. I found there was a lot more game to it than I thought. I thought it would just be a push your luck game but the interactions of the card powers is where all thre decision making takes place. I would have tried it out sooner if I knew how good it is :D Making a proper copy is now a goal.

I also tried out the final contest version of Handy Brawl. It’s an in-hand game where you fight a monster with a deck of nine cards.

I’d tried an earlier prototype, which I found fiddly and confusing. This version was a serious improvement. It was tighter with different heroes and monsters so you can build different nine card decks. This takes the game from a novelty to a game I keep playing. 

I revisited Zombie in my Pocket for the first time in something like ten years. And it still delivers! Don’t get me wrong, it’s very light and has its flaws. But it’s consistently fun.

I have been trying to learn at least end new Roll and Write every month. This month was more of a struggle, in part due to time but also because I just wasn’t in a Roll and Write mood. I ended up trying out Paper Pinball: Fight Back the Winter.

I thought of this as cheating since I’ve played several games in the series. But, looking at the rules more carefully, I realized that the scoring had been changed in the second season. Different targets that could be worth 2 to 12 points in the first season were now 1 to 4 points. That made the scoring tighter and gave me a better idea how wel I played lol

Other mechanics had been adding making the games tighter and more ‘pinball’ like. In other words, I learned something that I had glossed over before and had a better experience. 

(I haven’t played WhizKids Super-Skill Pinball system yet. I’ve made the Carniball demo and I have high hopes for it.)

So, happy with what I’ve learned in the gaming world last month.

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