Friday, October 28, 2022

Reviewing Psycopath

I was recently sent a review copy of Psychopath, a card game about going camping with serial killers. (Well, okay, it’s about one player being a serial killer who is going after a group of campers, Friday the 13th style. Although I think there’s some definite potential in that first idea)

And, as I mentioned in my actual review, it was a tough game to review folks I would normally have been able to use for play testers just weren’t into the theme or the artwork. 

To be honest, Psychopath is no longer what my cup of tea would be either. Between being a dad and a teacher, my tastes have gone a lot more family friendly.  But here’s the thing, there was a point in my life when a game like Psychopath would have been right up my alley.

I was taken back to my first GenCon where I was first introduced to Twilight Studios Zombies! Back then, a hundred little plastic zombies was pretty amazing. The me of back then would have been blown away by Psychopath.

In all honesty, that Ms would have ended up enjoying Psychopath far more than Zombies! While Psychopath lacks a hundred little plastic zombies, it has much more balanced gameplay. After a few plays, it became obvious that Zombies! is not only very random, it can turn into a slog that drags.

One plus about Psychopath that I didn’t mention in my review is that it pushes steadily towards the end game. Remembering Zombies! makes me remember how valuable that is. Games, particularly cinematic games, need a tempo.

I want to end by noting that the art in Psychopath is not for everyone, it isn’t actually offensive. It definitely brought back memories of how the horror films of thirty years back lacked the polish that we now take for granted.

Who else remembers The Last Slumber Party? ‘Friends’ insisted I watch it in college. (Okay, I love those guys) It combined abysmal acting and blatant special effect failures with a script that crossed the line from terrible to inexplicable. Bill F. Blair called it the worst film ever made and he was the producer. The Last Slumber Party wishes it could be Psychopath.

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