Saturday, October 1, 2022

My September Print and Play

September wasn’t a super busy month for Print and Play crafting but I feel I made up for quantity with quality.

In September, I made:

Death Valley (demo version)
Handy Brawl (final contest version)
Zombie in my Pocket (original art)

I’ve been able to get in plays of all three games, which is always good. Crafting is its own reward but the point of a game is to be played.

Death Valley was my designated ‘big’ project but Handy Brawl was actually bigger. That said, that particular goal has become making a game that has been published. Mind you, I won’t be surprised at all if Handy Brawl gets monetized.

(At some point this year, although maybe not in October, I want to make a copy of the full Death Valley with the expansion.)

Honestly, months like this, where I make games that I turn out to enjoy playing over and over are why I keep on printing and playing.

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