Tuesday, November 1, 2022

My October PnP

I am happy with my Print and Play crafting for October. I didn’t make any huge projects but they were all at least two sheets of cards :)  

Here’s what I made:

Squire for Hire Mystic Runes
Invasion: Solo Adventure

My ‘big’ project was Squire for Hire Mystic Runes. The original game is one that I tell myself I need to play again and then I get distracted by other games. I wasn’t sure how Mystic Runes would honestly build on the original game. Turns out, the runes that let you break the rules in very specific ways is how they expanded the game.

Riot honestly felt more like a social statement or possibly a social experiment than a game. Which doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth making and playing but it doesn’t have much in the way of replay value.

November actually looks like it will be a month with even less crafting time. Thanksgiving doesn’t happen on its own. But I will make sure I craft something :)

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