Monday, November 21, 2022

Wreck This Journal is permission to be creative

I’m going to take a quick break from writing about journaling RPGs to comment on Wreck This Journal.

Which means I’m still writing about journals. I did not expect to be this on brand for NaNoWriMo for what’s looking to be the entire month of November.

Our son has been asking for a Wreck This Journal for literally months and we finally caved and got him on of the many different versions.

Wreck This Journal is a paradox. It’s a set of very specific instructions for thinking out of the box.

It’s a book where each page or two has instructions on what you should do to that page. And it’s safe to ssay that they will cause some damage to the page in the process and quite likely the rest of the book while you are at it. 

There are what must be a couple hundred prompts in this book. One of the ones that has stuck with me is making a stain catalog.

Perhaps it’s less out of the box thinking and more open permission to destroy something.

We were afraid that our son would get bored with it or ignore the instructions and just use the journal as a sketch book. Instead, he has spent hours either following the instructions or doing his own interpretation of them. (He wasn’t going to mail the journal so he drew a picture of mailing it)

I have heard that Wreck This Journal is about giving you permission to make mistakes and messes. To embrace them. I don’t think that’s the only interpretation but it’s one I can see working for our son.

Honestly, I can see buying him a Wreck This Journal as an annual event.

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