Monday, January 2, 2023

My December Gaming

My December gaming was largely driven by Dicember, essentially the celebration of dice games.

I kept a geek list of what I played, along with some commentary about the games. Instead of rehashing the list, here’s the link:

With that said, Dicember was a fun excuse to revisit games I hadn’t played in a while and learn a bunch of new games. Here’s what I learned during December:

Timber & Fur

Bank or Bust

White Rabbit Dice Solitaire 


The Blob That Ate the City

Lingo Land

Paper Pinball: Space Marines Vs Dragons

Grove the Nine Card Solitaire Game 

Pencils and Powers

Sabotage the Raj

Invasion: Solo Adventure 

Sack Stuffer

Daily Dungeon

Artisans is the Taj Mahal


Beach Life


Super Skill Pinball: Carniball

Yeah, there’s only one non-dice game in the lot, Invasion. And Dicember pushed me to get around to trying a number of games I’d been meaning to learn.

Heck, I achieved the baseline goal of playing fifteen different dice just with games that were new to me. Something I had specifically decided not to do lol. (Buying a bunch of Roll ans Writes at PnPArcade’s Black Friday sale helped)

The best game I learned out of the lot would be Grove. It built on the core concepts of Orchard to give us something with more elbow room. But Bandada is the game I’ve found most bingeable.

2022 was a busy, crazy year and Dicember was a heck of a way to close out my gaming portion of it.

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