Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Okay, a brief look at my 2022

At this point, I know I’m supposed to write some sort of year end recap. It’s a social obligation.

However, 2022 was dominated by a lot of professional changes. My recreational time and, more importantly, my recreational focus was a lot smaller than it has been.

Reading took the least hit, honestly. I read more shorter novels and anthologies but I’d say I read as much as ever. Just smaller bites :) It has been the year that I started reading Tamara Pierce. I also reading the very amusing Dragonbreath and Please Don’t Tell My Parents series.

What probably took the biggest hit was my Print and Play crafting. In particular, making things from design contests. A lot of what I made this year were games I got from PnPArcade and similar sources.

Oh, I still downloaded as many contest files as I could. And I did try out some entries from Roll and Write design contests because many of those are print and put into a page protector.

Highlights of my game learning included Aquaducts and Bandada, both soliatire games that I found very easy to play over and over again. I also enjoyed playing most of the Tempus Quest campaign. I think the Tempus games may be solvable but the experience is just very interesting.

I also have high hopes for both Fishing Lessons, Death Valley and Grove but I need to play all of them more to really nail down my opinion.

In short, I didn’t play nearly as much weird, experimental stuff, which is one of the draws of PnP. But I did try and make good use of what recreational time I had.

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