Sunday, January 1, 2023

My December Print and Play

December ended up being a little more Print and Play crafting heavy than I was expecting. A little of that was due to gifting but a lot of it was crafting a project I’ve been wanting to get around to.

I made:
13 Sheep
Food Chain Island
-Friendly Waters
-Tough Skies
-Lost Beasts
-Legendary Creatures
Forage: The Nine Card Solitaire Game

I gave away my travel copy of Flipword to a librarian so I wanted to make a new copy. And I made copies of 13 Sheep to include in Christmas cards.

But my big project was making a high definition copy of Food Chain Island and all the expansions (that have come out so far) I have made the demo copy (twice) and played it a lot so I decided it was time to make a full version. 

I used the backs from Friendly Waters to give the Shark and Whale water animal backs. Yes, they are in black and white but the patterns are still different.

I hadn’t been planning on making Forage but I enjoyed Grove so much I wanted to make the next game in the series. I’m hoping to try it out in January.

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