Wednesday, May 3, 2023

My April Gaming

I have to say that more of my time gaming in April was spent decompressing than learning new games or exploring more complicated games.

The games I learned during April were:

Easter Egg Roll and Write

Turn on the Lamp (14th R&W contest)

Tabletop Arcade: Roll and Snake (14th R&W contest)


My First Castle Panic

One afternoon near the start of April, I sat down with some very simple Roll and Writes because I told myself I needed to deliberately set some time aside if I actually wanted to learn any R&Ws in April. And I was right. 

And I only taught myself My First Castle Panic because I needed some distraction while recovering from a nasty bout of food poisoning.

Really, the only game I learned that I think I will go back to was Numbsters. It adds some variety to the growing world of In Hand games. Honestly, my growing library of In Hand games has been great for both decompression and thinking.

As life gets busier and more complicated, I don’t know what May will be like. At this point, learning one good Roll and Write would make me happy.

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