Monday, May 1, 2023

My April PnP

I honestly hadn’t thought I had done much PnP crafting in April. Then I looked at my files and had to say ‘Oh, I guess this was in April and not March’

I made:

Möbius Circuit (2023 In Hand Contest)

Power Brawl (2023 In Hand Contest)

Fungi of Phalanges Forest (2023 In Hand Contest)


Agincourt (low ink version)


Opening Night

Tiny Epic Kingdoms (two-page low-art demo version)

Royal Limited (demo version)

I made sure to get a crafting session at the start of the month, which is probably why it’s hard for me to remember it. My ‘big’ planned project was Numbsters.

However, when I saw the demo of a new solitaire game by Scott Almes, I had to make a copy. I borrowed my son’s crayons to add the color elements to Royal Limited. Since I was already doing that, I did the same for the low art version of Tiny Epic Kingdoms.

I own the full version, plus the expansion, of Tiny Epic Kingdoms but have never played it. I wonder if a minimalist version is what will do the trick for me to try it out.

I haven’t played any of the In Hand contest games enough to feel like I have learned them. Still, I couldn’t pass up a game that uses a möbius strip. Power Brawl feels like it covers the same ground as Handy Browl but not as well. Fungus of Phalange Forest feels promising though.

I don’t know what May will be like. April surprised me.

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