Friday, May 26, 2023

Roll and Writes and the art of staying sane

 LAs folks who read this blog know, when I got into Roll and Writes, I really got into them. I became one of these folks who will bore anyone who will listen to me about my obsession . So you can guess what this is going to be about lol

This is the basic realization that I had that made all the difference. Roll and Write isn’t a genre or a game mechanic. It’s a medium that can accommodate a wide variety of genres and mechanics.

Yes, card games and board games can potentially have more (a lot more) moving parts. Which means they can be potentially more (a lot more) complexity and depth. Roll and Write games don’t make other formats obsolete lol

But Roll and Writes are surprisingly versatile.a lot more than just variants in Yahtzee. They are also tend to be very economical in space and material. They also tend to be very easy to make as print and plays and a lot of them can be played solitaire.

(And, yes, there are exceptions to all of that. Which actually just adds weight to the versatility argument) 

At a time in my life in which real life stuff has limited gaming time, Roll and Writes have been wonderful.

And, as we get ready to move, the games that I don’t purge will be going to get packed up. But, a folder of laminated Roll and Write pages will give me a decent library of games that take up no space. (I know it will feature some games by Radoslaw Ignatov and Dark Imp games) 

I am not saying a folder of Roll and Writes  is the ultimate minimalist game library. That would be a deck of cards (and you’d better believe I’m keeping a couple of those close at hand) However, it is a nice way to have variety with minimal space.

When we last moved, I had limited interest in Roll and Write games… or print and play… or solitaire games. If it wasn’t for Yucata, I would have had to go cold turkey. And I am grateful for online gaming but it’s nice to have physical options.

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