Monday, June 26, 2023

After packing most of my remaining games…

I have three or four weeks between packing up my game collection and unpacking it. So, I have put together a tiny s library for that time. More than that, it has to take up minimal space the car is gojng to be packed.

Number one item for the library. A deck of playing cards. Honestly, if i had to drop it down to one item, it would have to be a deck of cards. You have a vast library of games at your fingertips with just a deck of cards. Not only are there are tons of classic games, folks have made games with more ‘modern’ aesthetics for playing cards. 

Seriously, a deck of cards is amazing.

I have also rearranged my fidget box of In Hand games. (In case you’re curious, it’s one of those plastic Extra gum cases. They are great for micro card games) It now has Palm Island, Labyrinth Runner, Flip Word, Elevens for One and Murderers Row. 

I have dozens of plays under my belt for each of these games and they can all be played without a surface. For some of them, that’s the only way to play them. They are prefect for travel or when all your tables are packed up.

Frankly, I usually have a deck of cards or my fidget box with me if I leave the house, particularly if it’s some kind of overnight trip. However, for this length of time, I’m adding a clip board and a folder of laminated Roll and Write games. I double-sided the one-page games, which I thought was just me being silly but laminated sheets actually bulk up a folder fast.

I have some old standbys, 30 Rails and Yard Builder, as well as 13 Sheep and Criss Cross to make sure there’s some extra ligjt fare. I think 30 Rails helped define what a PnP R&W could really be. It was a great PnP R&W before it was cool.

I decided to include all four games in Dark Imp’s playmat line (Beach Life, Opeing Night, Castaway and Restaurantrepreneur) , even though they’re two pages each. (Hadn’t thought of using double-siding so I’d have two games on two sheets until I had packed up everything) I think they are solid casual weight games that would get a lot more attention if PnP was more mainstream. 

Radoslaw Ignatow is heavily represented in the folder. I honestly feel he has a real knack for pushing the boundaries for what you can do with Roll and Write format. From his Lot of Games collection, I have Pointree, Alpakaland, Time Machine, Mixture, Roll Pirates and Jurassic Hunt. Some of those games are in the folder as an excuse to explore than more. I also have the basic solitaire map and the first four scenario cards for Island Alone. I’ve been wanting to try it out and this might be that time.

Honestly, in the kind of space that takes up no room in a backpack, I feel like I’ve packed a lot of experiences.

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