Friday, June 2, 2023

My May Gaming

As actual life stuff gets more busy, learning new games is going to be a lower and lower priority. In May I learned four games that were new to me and half of them were pretty much fluff.

I learned:

Battle Card: Market Garden

The Grand Opening

River Wild

Crumbling Dungeon

Battle Card: Market Garden feels less like a game and more like a lesson of how hard it would have been to actually pull Operation Market Garden off. (Which is actually kind of cool and I know some history teachers that might like to use it) Crumbling Dungeon is just a quirky maze puzzle that you could do over your cornflakes.

The Grand Opening fulfilled ny goal of learning at least one  Roll and Write a month. A two-page spread about seating and serving guests at a restaurant, I found it a pleasant, casual-weight game. Dark Imp Games continues to deliver a happy game experience.

River Wild is a 18-card solitaire game by Steve Aramini from ButtonShy. I’d say it resembles Scott Almes Sinply Solo series from BurtonShy more than Aramini’s own Sprawlopolis seres. And, to be honest, River Wild falls short of either of those two series. Two series that I think are the cream of the crop as far as solitaire-optional micro games so it’s an unfair bar. River Wild is still good with very tight decisions.

One game I decided to revisit was Bank or Bust from Dark Imp Games. The elevator pitch is Can’t Stop with special powers. I felt like it was the weakest game I tried from the company and multiple plays just reinforced that. Having only one die and busting on sixes just took away too much control, even with speciall powers. I still like the concept.

I have a small stack of three or four games I’m hoping to learn in June. We will see if life has other plans.

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