Thursday, June 1, 2023

My May PnP


This was the first of what promise to be very busy months. School has wrapped up and we are getting ready for our move across the country.

This is what I made:



Beach Life


River Wild (demo)

30 Rails w/Yard Builder

Pointree w/Alpakaland 

Mixture w/Time Machine

Roll Pirates w/Jurassic Hunt

River Wild was my ‘big’ project for the month. It’s an eighteen card game by Steven Aramini that’s very much in spirit of Scott Almes Simply Solo series. I honestly don’t think it’s as good as most of Almes’ designs but that’s still room to be very good.

However, most of my crafting in May was laminating Roll and Writes to make a travel folder. There’s going to be a stretch (admittedly, probably a month tops) where almost all my games will be packed away so I want a library that takes up minimal space for that time. I’ve made laminated copies of many of the games but this time I double-sided a lot of them to cut back even further on space.

Probably won’t make a real difference but it did make a psychological difference lol. And while we are only starting to get packing into high gear, getting the folder done ‘early’ is also good for my head.

June and July are going all about the move and settling in. I actually have project laminated that just need to be trimmed so I can finish some projects when everything but a pair of scissors is packed away.

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