Monday, February 26, 2024

A game about games? Meta!

A couple months ago, I tried out Apropos of Movies, a cute little trivia game. It’s a deck of sixteen movie qualities and you have to determine movies that either have or don’t have them.

It’s a clever little game, and I like how there isn’t a single right answer so you can get a lot of mileage out of such a small deck. You really just have to add a house rule of not reusing the same movie in the same session and you’re good. I am even planning on making a spare copy For potential classroom use. 

Well, Apropos of Board Games is the same deal… only for board games! 

(Yeah, probably not that big a surprise)

You have a Must Have and a But No cards that you’ll be forming rows next to. Draw a card and place in the Must Have line. Figure out a game that has that particular characteristic. Draw another card. If the last game you picked has that characteristic, put it in the Must Have line. If it doesn’t, place it in the But No line. Five cards makes a game. You set a timer for five minutes and you need to beat the clock to win.

One interesting change from Movies to Board Games is that the Movie version has rules for higher difficulty by adding more cards. The board game version doesn’t have that option. Maybe the world of movies is vaster than board games?

(Nah, that could never be)

I rather like trivia games that have you find ideas that fit into categories rather than have a single right idea. I feel they have more replay value and have more scope for imagination. And the Apropos family definitely fits that.

With that said, Board Games are a lot more niche than movies. I can’t see pulling out this version for group play, even with dedicated gamers. On the other hand, it will probably see a lot more solitaire play by me lol

I do wonder if there will be more Apropos games. Literature or video games seem like fertile media for it.

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