Thursday, February 1, 2024

My January PnP

 January is always a month that encourages Print-and-Play for me. Fresh start to the year. And I did make a number of projects, more than the last couple of months. However, I also prepped for the rest of the year.

I made:

The Last Lighthouse (demo copy)
Waffle Hassle
Potato Carrot Tomato 
One-Card Mazes (different sizes and mazes)
Voyages (maps 1 -6)
Ninja vs Robot

The Last Lighthouse was my ‘big’ project for January. The only reason I haven’t played it yet is that I just learned the Royal Limited and I want to spread my learning Scott Almes games out. His Simply Solo series has been a great one for me.

I made a second copy of Waffle Hassle with the backs properly lined up this time. The card backs form the board so having the backs right is nice. I made another copy of Potato Carrot Tomato as a lunch game for those times I only have ten minutes for lunch. And I’m really looking forward to trying all the maps for Voyages.

However, what I really spent January doing as far as PnP was concerned was printing, cutting and laminating stuff I had gotten from the PnP Arcade Black Friday sale. I have a folder of laminated card sheets that I can trim over the next few months.

Yes, part of this is the mindset of having projects I can finish and check off the ‘made a game in February, March etc’ However, there is an emotional reward to finishing a project. And I also want to pace _learning_ games as well.

The last several months have been crazy with not a lot of gaming or crafting time. I’m preparing for that trend to continue and that’s why I filled that folder. 

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