Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My old friend, the deck of cards

We will be going on a trip soon, one where I know we won't be having much (or any) downtime for gaming and not a lot of space in our luggage for games anyway.

But just like it is against my principles to not go on a trip without a physical book, I don't want to travel without a game. Even if there's barely a chance at then getting played.

Over the last year, my travel game library of choice has been the first set of the Pack O Games. Seriously, eight very different games that fit in a plastic case that I can easily carry in a coat pocket. But I can do even better than that.

A deck of playing cards

Seriously, a deck of cards is the ultimate travel game. Pick up any copy of Hoyle's and you will see a wealth of games that you can play. It doesn't hurt the playing cards of been around for centuries, which is given people plenty of opportunity to develop games with them.

If we do end up playing any games with them, it will probably be some sort of rummy or maybe Lamarckian Poker. But, really, the sky's the limit.

And if we don't end up playing any games and I'm just bringing a game along as some kind of charm or totem, a deck of cards will barely take up any space.

Of course, knowing me, I might also toss in Proton or Pico 2 :D 

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