Saturday, January 21, 2017

Resolving not to buy games in 2017

I think this is the year that I am finally going to make the New Year's resolution not to buy any new games.

Honestly, even after making some heavy purges, I not only have plenty of games. I also have games that I still have never played. This isn't swearing off gaming or having shelves that are sad and empty and gathering dust. I have more than enough games to play.

Of course, with every such resolution, there has to come clauses. Exceptions. Things that don't count. The honest Mister I'm not cheating.

One, Kickstarter. Let's get the white elephant in the room acknowledged. Kickstarter is not going to count in this resolution. Either for things that I am going to receive or pay for in 2017. However, I do try to keep a strict Kickstarter budget and I am planning on cutting it this year.

Two, games for our three-year-old. Not that I'm expecting us to go crazy but those don't count. That falls under parenting, not being a gamer. And, no, thinking that maybe my three-year-old would really like Scythe is breaking the rules.

Three, buying used games with store credit. Hey, some of those purged games did turn into a store credit. Frankly, I don't have a history of doing this but it's going to be an exception. Store credit usually turns into things like stuff for the toddler.

Four, print and play. If I am making it myself, it doesn't count.

Last year, I gave myself a limit of six new games in 2016. I only ended up buying two, although one of them, Machi Koro, prove to be a great game for us.

I think I can do it.

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