Friday, January 13, 2017

What did Yucata give me in 2016?

One of the things that I decided to do as part of my looking at 2016 was see what games were added to Yucatá  last year.

Let's see:

7 Steps
Carcassonne: South Seas
Lords of War
Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game
Packet Row
Las Vegas
Pax Porfiriana

I think that is all of them and I gave all of them at least one run through, except for Pax Porfiriana. Actually, thanks to the international dateline, it was the first one in 2017 anyway. I am keeping it on the list, even though it doesn't really count.

On the one hand, 2016 didn't have a lot of 'bigger' games, at least to my mind. 2014 gave us Castles of Burgundy and Carson City while 2015, a relatively light year, included the Voyages of Marco Polo.

On the other hand, as someone who has been more of a casual game player since the birth of our son, there are a lot of games that are great for me. If I can log on once a day, make a reasonable assessment of my board position and make a move that I am happy with, and have the endgame in sight, I am a happy camper.

I had been wanting to try out Carcassonne: South Seas, Las Vegas and Guildhall so I was really happy that they got added. And those are games that I am going to keep on my regular rotation with Yucatá. 

And, really, while heavy games, they are all well regarded games. From that angle, those three games along with Castles of Burgundy the Card Game and Attika are the 'big' games of the year. From that perspective, 2016 was pretty darn awesome actually.

The surprise hit for my small little circle of Midwest friends who play with me on Yucutta was Automobiles. That has become a game that we go back to again and again. And I am still no good at it whatsoever :D

There are definitely some games that I need to revisit because I haven't played them enough to know what I really think about them. (Castles and Lords of War, I'm looking at you) But, honestly, when I look at all of the 2016 games in one list, there's a lot of games that I'm going to be playing on a regular basis.

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