Monday, May 1, 2017

Making a game for road trips

Many of my print-and-play projects over the last few weeks have been ButtonShy games. I've taken advantage of them offering their wallet games as PDF files and I'm curious how much business they get from folks like me. 

Cow Tiger Santa Claus was a file that I picked up but I really didn't think I would ever really use. But as our son has gotten older and we've talked about road trips, I decided that it was time to make a copy to live in the glove compartment.

Basically, it's Road Trip bingo as a small deck of cards. Really, that's it. On the down side, you have a smaller pool of things to look for. On the plus side, it's easier to physically juggle and each game is going to be more different.

Cow Tiger Santa Claus consists of fifteen cards that have images of things you might see while you're on the road. Cows, helicopters, Santa Claus, etc. It's also broken down into easy, moderate and hard categories. 

When you start the trip, draw a card from each category. Whoever spots that item first gets the card as a point. Whoever ends the trip with the most cards is the winner. And it'd be easier to house rule the game with more cards for longer trips or only letting the little ones claim the easy cards.

Look, this is a super slight game. And it has some clear disadvantages for us, since most of the road trips we have planned for the near future are on the same stretch, meaning we will get to know the advertisements and shops and such. This might not be the best game for the Arizona desert, although it does bring back memories of Midwest family vacations.

But, to be fair, it does what it sets out to do perfectly well. It's a way to keep folks occupied on road trips. Simpler than even tic tac toe, Cow Tiger Santa Claus isn't even what I would call a filler. I wouldn't play it while waiting for food to arrive. But I can see it played on a road trip.

Our favorite road trip game has been the license plate game. (And isn't it sweet to be the one who sees a Hawaii plate?) And I will say that it's dependent on who's on the road as oppose to where you're driving.

But Cow Tiger Santa Claus will make for a change of pace, be easier for younger players and we could always play both games at the time. And it has you admire the scenery.

Cow Tiger Santa Claus isn't really like any of my other crafting projects. I mean, this isn't the kind of game I seek out or really play. But it has a place in our glove box.

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