Monday, May 1, 2017

The addiction of PnP

Over the last couple weeks, I have made six or seven small print and play projects. And we are talking small projects, only three or four sheets of components at most.

And I got to thinking that some of them are games that I am not going to be playing anytime in the near future. The thought process that followed that thought was that, back when I was possibly buying games, I was picking up games without any idea of when they would actually hit the table.

But this isn't really the same behavior.

Here's the thing. Compulsive game buying and game hoarding ended up taking up a lot of money and storage space. It wasn't good for me and it wasn't even good for playing games.

Until I take the jump and start making 18XX games, my level of PnP isn't that expensive. We got the printer and laminator and other craft supplies for more than just game crafting. As long as I don't mind black and white, even a regular sized deck of cards or an averaged sized board doesn't cost that much. And, as long as I'm going to store them all in the same box and use universal pawns and tokens, they don't take up a lot of space.

But really, there's also the fact that game crafting is its own activity and hobby. It's its own thing. Yeah, part of the point is I get a game out of the end of it but it's also fun to actually do the making.

So PnP is kind of crazy but it's not a bad crazy.

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