Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Thanks for the fun movies, Sir Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore died today. Wow. I know he was 89, which, as I get older, I don't like to think of as that old, but that still counts as a full life.

I know Moore did a lot of acting, including becoming famous as The Saint but, for me, James Bond was his defining role. I think Roger Moore, I think James Bond.

He was not my favorite Bond. That's a toss up between Moore and Craig. They played more visceral Bonds, James Bond the Assassin. Roger Moore had the lighter, happier James Bond. He was James Bond the Super Hero.

I know it's fun to belittle the Roger Moore era because it was more silly with more wacky quips and over-the-top gadgets. But, come on. Seven films over twelve years. Moore helped define not just James Bond but the whole pop culture concept of a secret agent.

Sir Roger Moore's time as James Bond was just plain fun.

And he wasn't that much of a goody two-shoes. He still had a small war's body count :D

I am not even close to being an expert or aficionado of James Bond. Other folks are going to do a much better job looking at Roger Moore's time as Bond, let alone the rest of his life and career. But I just had to say thanks for those fun movies. 

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