Thursday, April 5, 2018

Belated thoughts on March PnP

While I have slowed down since January, I’m still plugging away at crafting Print-and-Play games. I have an informal goal of making at least fifty in 2018. At my current rate, I will get that by May but I also know that life happens and goals like that go out the window.

Something I’ve found myself doing is occasionally going back and remaking games that I made a year or so ago. There’s some reasons for this: I have gotten better at making components and I have gotten _much_ better at storing completed games :D

For most of my gaming life, PnP was just a casual interest. After our son was born, I got more interested in it but I was more interested in the act of crafting as a relaxing activity and maybe trying the game once or twice. But since I’ve gotten more serious, I want to go back and revisit games that are worth a second chance.

And I want to keep a physical record of these games, be able to take them out and look at them and replay them. Sometimes that’s through my solitaire binder and sometimes that’s through having a physical copy that requires more than dice and dry erase markers.

I’ve started to branch out from exclusively making solitaire games but I am still focused on them. And I also found find myself playing short games that just need the cards I make :D What can I say, I’m playing in between doing real life things :D

Oh. What did I make? Maiden in the Forest, Do Not Forsake Me, Bomb Squad #9, Tag Team, the low ink demo of Tiny Epic Defenders, The Count of Nine, and Murderer’s Row. Plus some Roll and Write games. 

Now to try and get some of them played!

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