Monday, April 2, 2018

Wield and ‘I need an Elric TV show!’

I just finished Wield, a game by John Wick, and I really don’t know what to think about it. 

In the game, you play an artifact of great power, an intelligent magical item that has its own will and goals. Stormbringer from the Elric books (and the real hero, according to some of my fiends, I mean friends) was a major influence.

Which is cool and more than enough to interest me.

However, one of the things that throws me is that you have a second character, a ‘hero’ who is carrying the artifact _someone else_ is playing. More than that, each hero has their own destiny which is gong to be contrary to the artifact’s goals.

And that’s where it gets funny in my head. Playing an artifact or multiple characters doesn’t bother me but having conflicting goals... That doesn’t bother me. I just don’t know how it would go. I’ve played a lot of different RPGs so not having a good idea of what Wield would play like is kind of weird for me.

There’s also a mechanic I find strange. Artifacts have control over their ‘heroes’ and they can give them great power. However, the more power they give, the less control they have. Which makes absolute sense with the idea that the artifact is the real character and the heroes are disposable hit points. But it is weird from a traditional, thematic point of view. I get more of Stormbringer’s sweet soul-drinking power AND I get more autonomy? Woo hoo!

I think what I need to really wrap my mind around is that Wield isn’t about the ‘hero’. You might go through a bunch of them. It is the story and the legacy of a scary magical item.

Which reminds me. Where is my Elric TV show? Seriously. You’d really think that would be a property that would get snatched up in today’s market. I have to assume that the rights must be in some kind of legal limbo but I want my albino emo-teen cursed-sword guy TV show.

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