Monday, April 30, 2018

Why I’m logging plays again

For the first couple years that I was really playing board games, I didn’t bother logging any of my place. After that, I started logging everything.

While some of that was pure ego, I also wanted to track what games I had actually played and how much I really played of them. (I remember a convention where we played a lot of Patrician over and over again, which I tracked. Other folks, going just by memory, thought we played literally ten more games than we really had)

It also helped me assess how good a return I was really getting out of a game. For a chunk of my hobby, I was always trying new games. Replay was kind of a big deal. (And these days, when I’ve been trying to keep my collection under control, it’s an even bigger deal)

However, when we moved across the country and I no longer had a regular group and I was spending my time focused on being a new daddy, my logging fell off. Almost all of my gaming was playing turn-based games on Yucata. I wasn’t necessary playing when games ended and most of my reasons to track games just weren’t there. And if I really cared, I could look it up on Yucata.

However, this year, I’ve started logging my plays again. For one thing, I am working on trying to play more face-to-face games. I’m also tracking the games we play with our son, now that he follows the rules more and more.

The other factor is me getting more serious about PnP and solitaire games. Logging those plays helps me both bring some focus to that part of my hobby and gives me some idea how much (or how little) I’m playing these games.

Seriously, logging my solitaire plays reminds me to keep crafting and to keep playing.

And, let’s face it. Logging games is fun.

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