Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How I spent Tabletop Day

This year, I decided to formally participate in International Tabletop Day. I honestly wonder if Hallmark is going to eventually make cards for it. (Seriously, you could put incorporate a game like Coin-Age into a card and make the card a functioning game)

My local friendly game store had events throughout the day so I decided to go. I’m trying to go to events there once a month and this was my April one. I got in four games: Boss Monster 2, Kingdomino, 7 Wonders and DC Deck Builder. 

I’d never played any of the games in the Boss Monster series, light card games about being a video game boss building a level/dungeon to kill adventurers. It’s not really the kind of game I seek out but I’d play it again. I also felt it managed to make building a dungeon mechanically super simple while still working. 

On the other hand, I have been very interested in trying out Kingdomino. Not only did it win the Spiel De Jahres, it seems like it would work well for us for a work night game and something I can see teaching our son in a year or so. And I got to try the giant version.

Kingdomino wasn’t an amazing experience but it does what it does very well and I liked the drafting system in it. It was basically what I hoped it would be. My experience greatly increases my chances of getting the game.

7 Wonders continues to deliver and the seven-player game of it was the highlight of my day. 

And I remember why I don’t like DC Deck Builder with more than three, although it didn’t help that whoever last used the store copy put it away all messed up. With five players, it dragged and dragged and two people had to leave early. 

Lesson: ALWAYS pack For Sale or High Society or Slide 5 or another easy to teach, fast playing game that can handle five or more players. Despite heavy purged of my collection, I still have a wide selection of games that fill that slot.

Over the last four or five gaming events I’ve been to in Tucson (fund raising events, open gaming, RinCon the local convention), I’ve started running into and playing with the same folks. I’m slowly becoming a part of the local community.

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