Thursday, May 10, 2018

Yea, PnP contests!

Well, I found a few rabbit holes to fall down. The submissions for both the 2018 9-Card Contest and the 2018 Two-Player Contest have been posted. Between the two, there’s over a hundred Print-and-Play games and I’ve been methodically downloading and filing them all.

Truth to tell, I am only going to start carefully examining them and planning which ones I want to craft after I have them filed :D

I’m going to have to go back and check but I swear that there has been a jump in the number of entries in both contests. And, with just a cursory glance, it seems like the quality is going up too, even taking Sturgeon’s Law into account.

I know full well, even though I have been crafting more and more, I will never make even half of the games I’ve filed away. And I am okay with that. Digital hoarding is much more manageable to physical hoarding.  

Still, I know I’ll be crafting four or five of the entries in the next few weeks or days, although I doubt I’ll get to play test enough to give any feedback before the contests end.

And let’s face it. Having a bunch of nine cards games filed away makes it handy for those times when I just want to sit down and make a game in fifteen, twenty minutes.

Really, you just got to love the PnP community.

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