Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Looking at my April PnP

Wow. It’s already May. April flew on by, at least as far as my Print-and-Play crafting was  concerned.

In April, I crafted Space Strips, I Know An Old Lady, Darlin’ Corey (an RPG), (your name) and the Argonauts, Prince Of Pies, The Architect, Dragon Punch and Down. None of them were large projects. Really, they were all small projects. One of them, Darlin’ Corey, is only three cards. And almost all of it was done in a couple crafting sessions.

I had planned on doing more crafting than that but life does have a way of getting in the way of those kind of plans. Eh, I bet this is not going to my worst month for PnP this year.

I ended the month with six projects in some state of production, not counting the stack of stuff I’ve just printed but not done anything else with. If I just complete those six projects in May, I’ll have gone through more sheets of components than everything I crafted in April :D

And I have to say that I keep finding interesting stuff to craft.

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