Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I Am Lynx - a nifty pnp

Hysterically, the first game from the 2018 9 Card Contest that I’ve really gotten into is one that the designer pulled from it :P Admittedly, it’s because Marek Kolcun already had other designs submitted.

I Am Lynx is a solitaire game that’s designed to be played entirely in your hand. Which, I swear, is a mechanic that I am seeing more and more often. It’s been around for a while (I’m sure there are traditional card games that use it) but I feel like I’m seeing it more and more often.

I Am Lynx is a simple game, where you have a forest of four cards, including your lynx card. The rest of the deck, which you draw from every turn, is held sideways in your hand, which isn’t that hard when the whole thing is just nine cards.

You hunt prey, do your best to dodge hunters and try and protect your lynx kittens over the course of four seasons. It isn’t complex but there are real decisions to make and the theme works very well. It’s a walk in an unforgiving woods.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with I Am Lynx. It’s easy to play just about anywhere and doesn’t take any real time to play. It’s my current game to reach for when I just have a few minutes.

Marek Kolcun is redesigning the game to be eighteen cards and I’m in the middle of making a copy of the current prototype. Having a greater variety of cards and another layer or two of rules is very promising.

The nine-card version I’ve been playing with is now consigned to permanent alpha or beta. The eighteen card one looks like it will be just plain better. But the nine card version was definitely worth my crafting and it might live on stuffed in my wallet for an anywhere game.

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