Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Thoughts on learning games

I am starting to wonder if I’m getting fuzzy in the head. Over the last month, I have found myself getting seriously muddled by rules.

Specifically, trying to teach myself Maid in the Woods, Count of Nine and Prince of Pies. I’m still not sure I really am playing Count and Prince right.

(In defense of Maid, I printed out the cards, including instructions on our black and white printer, turning into grayscale. That made it really hard to read them until I just went back to the PDF.)

On the other hand, I have learned The Architect, Mystic Vale and Kingdomino (and another four of five games, come to think of it) without a problem during the same time frame. So I have hope that my brain hasn’t gotten too soft.

None of seven or so games I’ve listed are complicated. They’re all pretty light and casual, including the ones that I’ve struggled with. So it’s not like I’m struggling to learn complicated games.

And, while I was working on this blog, I realized something. All the games I’ve struggled with are Print-and-Play games by hobbyists. In fact, it’s not unfair to say that they are still in the beta stage. So the problem may not be that I’m losing my cognitive skills. Maybe the issue is with the rules.

And I need to remember that when I craft games other people have taken their own sweat, blood and tears to put out there for no profit, I am choosing to be a play tester. I shouldn’t wallow in confusion or complain. I need to figure out what is confusing me and respectfully post questions.

Which I may or not get around to doing  but I have to remember that the problem isn’t in my cognitive skills but my laziness :D

Post Script: I just learned that Count of Nine is part of the 2018 9-Card Contest so it definitely still in development. 

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