Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Summarizing a friend’s visit

Our friend Nate was in town for a bit and he came over for board games a few times while he was here. This is really more of a journal entry so we can look back and see what we played on this visit, as well as maybe some comments about some of the games.

Okay. Here’s the info dump. First session, we played 10 Days in Africa, Bob Ross: Art of the Chill Game, GEM and HUE. Second session, we played two games of Race for the Galaxy, ORC, RUM and a game of GEM that Carrie was able to join us for. Third session: Autumn, two more games of Race for the Galaxy and Treehouse. This was my first time playing Bob Ross, ORC and RUM and Carrie’s first play of GEM. 

This was the first time I’d played Autumn as a two-player, although I’ve played it a lot solitaire. As I hoped, with the game interesting blocking makes it an eighteen-card knife fight in a broom closet.

GEM continues not to disappointment. Race for the Galaxy is still amazing after all these years. And Treehouse, which Nate and I used to play tons of back in the day, has not aged well.

One delightful surprise was that, after our four-year-old saw me playing 10 Days in Africa, he wanted to play it. He just matches the countries on the card with the countries on the map but it is still a good step. 

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