Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Having fun just cutting paper

When I make PnP projects, I don’t tend to make one project at a time. I make one stage at a time. 

Not counting the joyous hunt for files, my crafting tends to go in four stages. Printing off the components. Cutting out the components. Laminating the components. Finally, cutting out the components. There might be other little touches, like gluing backs to components before cutting but that’s the basics.

So I tend to do a lot of printing. Then do a lot of paper cutting. Then a lot of laminating. Finally, a lot of laminated paper cutting. 

Here’s the thing. Lately, I’ve found the paper cutting, though it takes the longest and is the most exacting, very relaxing. So I’ve been doing a lot of that. However, while it’s pretty fast and physically easiest, I find laminating the most stressful. Sometimes, the rollers accidentally folds up the sheet, spoiling it. You know, mechanical error instead of me error :D

So now I have a bunch of cards and tiles and boards waiting to be laminated :D

Oh, such a terrible problem, I know.

Truth to tell, this just hammers home the fact that I don’t just make PnP games in order to play them. (Although that is kind of the biggest reason I do it) I make them because the crafting is a fun and relaxing activity.

Honestly, I look at what I crafted last year, which includes a lot of as-of-yet-unplayed games, and I know I wouldn’t have made nearly so many of the act of making wasn’t important to me.

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