Friday, February 1, 2019

My January PnP

Yup. Monthly roll call.

This January, I made Aqueduct and Blood Rush.

You know, I had a small list of games I was planning to make and I didn’t make any of those, although I did start to make them. In fact, I’ve got at least a half dozen games at different stages of completion.

Last year, I got a lot more serious about PnP. Maybe even a little overboard. Looking at my notes, I made over a hundred different PnP games. (At some point, I’ll post a list, I swear!) And I haven’t played over half of them :D

Eh, when you first get into something, you always go a little crazy.

So I don’t mind slowing down. I learned a lot last year, not just about the actual making of games but what kind of games that will see play and I’ll like. So, 2019 will probably see fewer games made but games more judiciously chosen.

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