Thursday, February 28, 2019

Checking in on PnP contests

My favorite Print and Play contest is the nine-card contest. 

A big part of that is because it is the lazy crafter’s dream come true. One page of cards and maybe some dice or tokens and I’m done. Big projects are awesome but it’s also satisfying to be able to make a finished product when I’m crunched for time.

And every year, I feel like the entries get more interesting. I am honestly expecting to see a Kickstarter for last year’s winner, Orchard.

I’m waiting until the contest is really over before I start, well, downloading everything :D I wish I reliably had the time to play test during the contest but life doesn’t work that way :’(

But I couldn’t help but still skim through entries. Two things struck me. There are legacy games (?!) and at least a couple ‘in hand’ games.

Going back to the rules, I see that legacy games have been added as a special category, allowing for additional components like pens or scissors as long as it’s a legacy game. Okay, I got to admit that marking up and cutting homemade components that I can easily make again makes a legacy game a lot more appealing :D

As for ‘in hand’ games, games where the cards stay in your hands the whole time, I don’t remember any being made in previous nine card contests. Eighteen card contests and solitaire contests (which include Down, which is nine cards :D), yes, but not this particular contest. And while in hand games have been around for at least over a century, I wonder if Palm Island has increased interest in them.

I’ve had a slow PnP year so far but this contest (and other contests, like the Roll and Write contest) will increase my crafting.

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