Friday, March 1, 2019

My February PnP

After not doing very much in January, February saw an uptick last in my PnP crafting. I knew I’d have one but I figured it would wait a couple more months. I made Jurassico (from the 2017 GenCan’t R&W contest), Tussie-Mussie (color), Six Sons of the Sultan (color), Sprawlopolis (color), Oh My Lair, Labyrinth Runner (beta from 2019 Nine Card Contest), 9-Card Circus (beta from 2019 Nine Card Contest) and Circle the Wagon (color). And I made one cut to make Jurassico so it was more than just laminating a page :D

Making the color versions of Tussie-Mussie, Sprawlopolis and Circle the Wagons were the highlights of PnP month. I had already made black and white versions of them but color versions is going to make them easier to play and easier to get other folks to play :P

I actually printed off Six Sons of the Sultan two years ago and I’m honestly not sure when I’ll get to play it. But I want to start working through some of my backlog of games that only got to the printing stage of crafting.

I wasn’t planning on crafting anything from this year’s Nine Card PnP contest until it was done since I knew I wasn’t going to be able to give play testing feedback so I might as well download and print the most final versions of the games. But I really wanted to try the two ‘In Hand’ games I saw.

As I keep saying, I want to be more deliberate and use more judgement in what PnP projects I tackle in 2019. However, sometimes, I’m still going to be impulsive and do some binge crafting.

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