Friday, March 1, 2019

Hey, I went thrifting!

I’m not normally a thrifter. Not because I object to thrifting but I’m very conscious of storage space and I have become a lot more picky about what I buy in general. However, this February saw a lot more thrifting than usual.

Eh, the neighborhood Goodwill had some good stuff.

The actual big item for me was finding a copy of Airlines Europe. Considering I’m used to seeing battered copies of Checkers and Trivial Pursuit, that was quite a surprise. And it’s a game I’ve had my eye on since it came out. It may well be the highlight of my entire year of thrifting.

However, we ended up finding a lot of things with our five-year-old in mind as well. We picked up a sadly incomplete copy of Pictureka which we knew that he would have fun with. We also picked up a spare copy of Mexican Train Dominoes because, if you’ve ever played dominoes with a preschooler, you know you end up looking for dominoes.

The highlight for the kid games was finding two Ravensburger titles, Mystery Garden and Rivers, Roads & Rails. Both of which turned out to be complete, which is always nice and not something I can count on when it comes to thrifting. (I’m still bummed about getting a copy of Warchon that had none of the pieces. Which I will someday make homemade copies, I swear)

Neither of those games are ones I’d pull out with adults or even older kids. However, our son has already shown a lot of interest in them and I think they will earn their keep.

I doubt I’ll have another month as good for thrifting but you just need one good month to get some good games.

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