Thursday, March 14, 2019

My PnP plan that won’t survive two months

As I’ve mentioned in past blogs, I’m trying to take a different approach to my PnP projects in 2019. Which really comes down to just being more picky about what I make :D

But I’m also trying to pace myself better as well. Last year, a lot of my crafting took place as big binges, often followed by weeks of making nothing. Now I’m trying space things out more and have a slow but steady rate of crafting.

I’m also trying to more formally plan out larger projects. In my case, a larger project means more than two pages of components :P I’m trying to plan one larger project a month, with the goal of actually getting them done and without burning myself out.

Actually, that sort of just happened. I made Haze Islands in March and I told myself I should make Black Sonata in April. Then I asked myself, is this a thing?

Frankly, I give that part of my plan until May before it falls apart.

And I’m sure I’ll cave and have some crafting binges too.

Still, it’s healthy to try and heave a goal and moderation.

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