Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Progress in not buying games

For that last few years, I’ve set a strict limit on how many games I would buy. In fact, my goal for 2017 was to not buy any games at all. But I haven’t set a limit or made a pledge for 2019. 

It’s not because I’m giving myself permission to get as many games as I want. No, it’s because I’ve gotten good enough at not buying games that I don’t need any help :D

Slightly more seriously, it definitely takes time and effort to change your habits and the way you think. Going from compulsively buying games to not buying any means rewiring the way you think.

I actually didn’t think about limiting my purchases in 2019. I realized it was almost March and that not buying games was just a given. I just assumed that I was going to keep any purchases to a minimum without even actually thinking about it. That’s progress.

I do make some thrift purchases, which does count really. They take up shelf space and cost money and add to the too many games and not enough time equation. For the most part, though, I thrift kids games.

(And Print and Play has filled in some of focus too :P)

I’m sure that, at some point, I will have some kind of relapse.o Hopefully not for a while and not too bad. But if and when I do, I know that I get back in the groove.

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