Tuesday, July 2, 2019

A parent’s thoughts on Legoland

We’ve finished up our summer vacation, which was going to Carlsbad, California, to enjoy Legoland California and the beach.

Legoland represents a middle ground in our theme park experiences. We’ve been to Disney World, which is basically an entire county with multiple parks where Mickey is able to control just about everything but the weather. And we’ve been to roller coaster parks like Cedar Point where it’s pretty much a day trip to go on rides. 

Legoland really feels like something in between. It has rides, including some small roller coasters. It also has an attached aquarium and water park. And, of course, it has legos, including characters, movies, displays and activities.

We had low expectations before we first went. Not going to lie. We were half expecting it to be like a fly-by-night carnival with Lego logos plastered on everything. However, it is actually has nice rather landscaping and actually puts you in a bubble of lego-theming. And there’s no denying that our five-year-old loves the place.

If you’re invested in any way to Lego characters, the character interactions are fun. Our son was thrilled to meet Lloyd Garmadon. And some of the rides, like the Ninjago ride and the Submarine ride were top notch. I’d be willing to ride them without a kid along :D

But here’s the thing. Lego is an all-age hobby. I’m sure eight-year-olds aren’t the target demographic for those great buildings of history kits, although I’m sure there are some who buy them. But Legoland is really aimed at ages six to eight.

Disney World or Disneyland, adults can go there without kids and have a fine time. I’m not even sure Epcot was designed with kids in mind. (I think it has more bars than the Wrigglyville neighborhood in Chicago) We haven’t been the Universal but I’m sure the same can be said for it. Legoland really is just for younger kids. Which was fine for us with our son but it’s not a place I’d recommend to anyone without a younger kid.

But it was really good for our family right now.

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