Monday, January 29, 2018

Our DM says it’s time for demons

Session 14 of the Late Lurkers

(For those of you keeping track, I didn’t do a write up of session 13. That’s because I couldn’t make it due to holiday travel. My character didn’t die and that’s all I know :P)

This was another session where only three of us were able to make it. As I’ve said before, playing online through Roll20 makes the game possible at all and gives us a lot of flexibility but there’s sometimes only so much we can bend.

The Nordic-style village that is the characters’ home was getting attacked by Manes (really weak demons, by the way) Amusingly enough, the  adventurers are all more disposable villagers so we’re more like dog catchers than heroes :D And we got stuck with the job of finding out where the Manes were coming from.

The Manes turned out to be the slaves of a Shadow Demon (easily the least imaginative named demon in D&D and that includes the old Type 1 - X naming convention) It had been accidentally freed from a forgotten altar (There’s a shocking number of those in the setting. It’s a low fantasy setting that may have been a high fantasy setting in the past)

Frankly, a Shadow Demon was a brutal fight for three third-level characters. Luckily, our druid cast Faerie Fire on it, negating a lot of its shadow abilities. And the cleric used radiant energy attacks, which burned the demon like an oil-soaked moth on a griddle. 

Afterwards, we got what might have been our first major reward from the Jarl. I even got a hovel of my very own.

That was a really fun session. Yeah, it consisted of two fights with some skill checks in between. However, they were good fights and stuff happened that furthered our characters’ stories. That’s pretty good for two and half hour session.

While it apparently wasn’t easy, judging by the DM’s swearing, the dynamic lighting and sound effects from Roll20 were pretty good.

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