Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tiny Epic Zombies leads to more PnP

Earlier this month, I had a flurry of game crafting activity. To be fair, I was catching up on about of a month of printing off stuff and planning on getting around to it. At the time, I wondered if that was going to be my big PnP push for 2018. (Eh, at least most of it was solitaire so I knew it would get played.)

But low and behold, I have found myself in the middle of another bout of crafting. (Can’t really call this a binge since I’m taking my time this time) And, again, even if this is just a momentary phase, I will end up with a bunch of PnP to play.

I really have Tiny Epic Zombies to blame. When the Kickstarter started, I decided to print out the demo, even though it’s not a genre I’m into. (I keep hoping for a Tiny Epic Industrial Complex or Tiny Epic Trading in the Mediterranean, which means I am so not Gamelyn Games Target audience)

I have to say that, compared to the free demo Gamelyn made for Tiny Epic Kingdoms, this demo is really nice. But I also have to say that one mall, even one filled with zombies, really strains the word epic :P

This also marks a shift for me towards at least a slightly larger project. Tiny Epic Zombies isn’t big but so many of my projects have just been one or two pages of components. And while I think you can have a happy and healthy PnP hobby just with games that size, I think it’s also likely a body will branch out a bit of you keep crafting PnP games long enough.

And I am also crafting some smaller games right now too. Two pages of tiles for Cheese Chasers to revisit it again after a good ten years, a couple pages for the tile version of Bowling Solitaire, two pages for the low ink version of Microconnect and one page for Farmers Finances, which is a game I'm pretty sure won’t work but I have to try a commodity game with only six commodities.

I know that part of what is driving my increase in PnP crafting is a desire to explore more PnP games, particularly solitaire ones. However, I also know I’m doing it because I’m enjoying the actual act of crafting.

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