Thursday, January 25, 2018

Our first time visiting California Adventure Land

Our second day was our California Adventure Land day. We were very curious about this park, since it doesn’t have an exact version in Florida, although it has elements of Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

It was also the day that our friend Melanie came out to see us. She moved to California last year and it was really great to see her.

We got a fast pass for Toy Story Midway Mania when we got into the park. While we were waiting for that, we got in the Little Mermaid Ride (we couldn’t tell any real difference between the California version and the Florida version other than the queue) and the Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree (spun us around faster than we expected but that made it more fun) and we tried to get on the Luigi Rollicking Roadsters ride but it broke down literally just before our turn.

This was our first Midway Mania experience. It definitely took the shooting game crossed with a ride idea to the next level. The Buzz Lightyear ride explores it too but this was a more involved game. All three of us were impressed by the shooting part, although doodle found it too jerky.

We next tried out Bug’s Land, which has some carnival style rides that seem aimed at younger kids and we have a four-year-old. We tried three of the rides. Flik’s Flyers and Francis’ Ladybug Boogie were fun but Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train was one of the more meh experiences we had at the parks.

We at lunch at Pacific Warf. Bread bowls of soup isn’t high cuisine but it was a nice alternative to sandwiches.

We watched some cute street theater about the Guardians of the Galaxy having a dance off (I was disappointed that Ronan the Accuser didn’t show up and dance) before we waited an hour to get into the Hyperion Theater to see a theatrical production of Frozen. Frozen is the doodle’s favorite movie and he knew about the Hyperion production. It was his biggest request for this trip. 

It was a surprisingly good production. The special effects were a lot of fun, including the puppets. Their version of Anna was goofier than the movie version, which was more interesting than a more straight reading. Our son was rapt the entire time.

After that, we tried something we hadn’t tried before. Taking turns going on a ride that was too big for the doodle so we’d get to go on it. We both wanted to try the Radiator Springs Racers and that proved to be maybe one of the best rides we went on. The special effects were great, the speed was wonderful and it was smooth. As someone with back problems, smooth is a big deal.

Then we made our biggest mistake of the trip and had our most miserable experience. The World of Color. That is a light show that uses pyrotechnics, fountains, lasers and images projected on mist.

The problem was we waited an hour in order to get prime viewing and that was at the end of the day. Doodle was fussy and tired and our feet and calves were aching. And we had to stand through the show as well and doodle fell asleep near the beginning.

Oh, it was impressive, particularly wall of fire that was the Pirates of the Caribbean portion. We had no idea why they included Mustaffa’s death scene as part of the show. But it was simply a grueling experience and none of us thought it was worth it.

Afterwards, we got some pizza at Downtown Disney, the retail area in between the parks (where we also got some legos at the LEGO store’s huge Pick A Brick wall) and went back to the hotel for sleep.

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