Tuesday, January 2, 2018

THIS is the game my son asked for?!

Christmas of 2017 was the first time our son has asked for a board game. Hooray! We must be doing something right!

It was Doggie Doo. Oh sweet Azathoth, what are we doing wrong? :P

Okay, he just turned four. Hoping he’d want Scythe was unrealistic.

There may be those of you have had the good fortune to have no idea what Doggie Doo is. Stop reading now if you want to keep that precious innocence and ignorance.

Okay. The game consists of a pneumatic dog toy that you use an air pump to squeeze a spongy dog poop from the mouth to out of the bottom. The game part consists of spinning a spinner to see how many squeezes you get on your turn.

Okay. Let’s be brutally honest here. There’s no decisions to make in this game. You just do what the spinner tells you to. The whole point of the game is justify a pooping dog toy.

And while that doesn’t offend or bother me, it really doesn’t interest me.

However, it is a hilarious to a four-year-old. And I guess it gives him practice taking turns and counting. And it’s a game that he asks to play and I want him having practice asking to play games.

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